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Billing Solutions For Downloadable Software

Digital Downloads and Downloadable Software are growing sectors as more and more of the population get acclimated to digital transactions.

Often times this is a niche which get's grouped in with high risk verticals due to there not being a physical exchange and delivery confirmation, as well as the increased likelihood for consumers to forget about a quick digital transaction.

Whether you sell productivity software, gaming, security or otherwise, we can facilitate you acquiring billing solutions. Your merchant account will need to be eCommerce friendly and be able to handle spikes in volume.

For example, a software for doing one's taxes is seasonal in nature and is likely to have an increase in transactions around tax season. Many banks risk departments protocols are to reject this vertical irregardless of the formality of the firm.

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"many banks risk departments default protocols are to reject this vertical irregardless of the formality of the firm..."

Merchant Requirements

$30,000+ Monthly Volume
Return Policy
Active Company Website
Share Business Details
Registered Company
Business Bank Account

High Risk Account Approvals

Rates As Low As 3%
Approvals Within 48 Hours
Weekly Payout Available
Max Chargeback Rate 4%
Minimum Setup Fee $199
Max Return Rate 6%
American Express

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