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Billing Solutions For Technical Support Businesses

Technical Support, otherwise referred to as Tech Support, is a business category which is often referred to as high risk, but generally should be categorized into 4 buckets.

1) B2B Remote Tech Support
2) B2B Onsite Tech Support
3) Consumer Remote Tech Support
4) Consumer Onsite Tech Support

While your firm may operate in any one of these 4 buckets, many companies will have a hybrid model. This concept in combination with the model of billing, continuity program vs. one-time support, will greatly impact the ultimate risk levels.

For existing firms, return and chargeback management are critical to ensure that your tech support merchant account or eCheck account longevity is not put in detriment and to protect the reputation of your firm.

Understanding that many banks do not have processing solutions for onshore tech support companies, let alone offshore firms, it's important to have the right allies to land billing solutions that will work for you and your happy customers.

What are my options besides a merchant account?  Most businesses look to bill their clients for technical support via a high risk merchant account, but many find that for diversification reasons and flexibility of payment from consumers that eCheck processing is a great alternative.  

"return and chargeback management are critical to ensure that your tech support merchant account or eCheck account longevity is not put in detriment..."

MCC Code 7379

The most common merchant category code (MCC) used by firms for technical support business is MCC 7379 “Computer Maintenance, Repair, and Services”. That siad, there are situations where firms have a variety of complimentary offerings such as software, backup storage, training and the likes which may better suit the firm for a different merchant category code.

This is a category that is evaluated with relatively high scrutiny and with multiple banking and payment processing partners, assists formal firms in landing and managing accounts with global partners.

Merchant Requirements

$30,000+ Monthly Volume
Return Policy
Active Company Website
Share Business Details
Registered Company
Business Bank Account

High Risk Account Approvals

Rates As Low As 3%
Approvals Within 48 Hours
Weekly Payout Available
Max Chargeback Rate 4%
Minimum Setup Fee $199
Max Return Rate 6%
American Express

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